PHYSA Project Site

On May 5, 2014, the Philippines Hurricane Yolanda Structural Analysis (PHYSA) field team of eight civil engineers began a week-long, post-disaster damage assessment of the impacted regions on Leyte and Samar islands. The PHYSA team recently completed an in-depth ground inspection. Below you will find the link to the open forum project site housing over 10,000 inspection images taken on 155 structures

The purpose of the PHYSA Project Site is a new open forum project model for post-disaster inspection. We request and encourage all to offer your expertise by participating in this web-based analysis. The website allows comments made that associate with specific reviewer, hence, credit for contributions can be made.

The initial trajectory for data analysis will be to identify factors that exacerbated the magnitude of damage (e.g. faulty/insufficient construction, location, etc.) and additional measures that could mitigate future losses, (e.g. revised construction techniques, materials, constructions of levies/sea walls, etc.). That said, we encourage a diverse and open dialogue, so feel free to allow your observations and thoughts to take the discussion where they may. We also welcome critiques on the investigation and the analysis technique. We will post the analysis progress in a separate website. Thank you in advance for your participation and efforts to help the Filipino people.